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Funny or beautiful pictures taken by a single man exploring the world at human speed.
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Without-a-name street
In Lima, I encountered this street sign that reads "Street witout a name". In Central America, it's common that streets don't have names or at least no plaque to indicate it... but it's the first time I see a street named "Without a name". What do you think of that? more...

Street crossing or not?
In Lima, they launched last year the Metropolitano rapid bus system. In many sections, they installed rails to prevent from crossing the street... including over former locations where lines were painted to cross the street. more...

Loaded truck
I encountered this truck in a street of Lima... it basically carries plastic items to go to a recycling plant. more...

Hairless dog
In Peru, they have a very ancient dog species that is hairless. Its origins date back before the Incas... probably back to 2 000 or 3 000 years before Christ... at the height of civiliations like local Chan Chan and those of Ancient Egypt. I find it a strange coincidence that two ancient civilizations on different parts of the world some 5 000 years ago had their own version of a hairless dog... and no other. What do you think? more...

Locked our love... forever?
We all heard or seen the Arts bridge in Paris where couple go put a lock with their names on to symbolize their love is for always. A shopping mall in Trujillo reproduced that with a large heart structure. All nice and fine... until I noticed many combination locks in there. I wonder if it means "Well, I place it there... and will remove if if we break out." ? What do you think? more...

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